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Terms and Conditions

The Mobile Fun Palace Ltd
Terms and conditions.

The Mobile Fun Palace do not want to be too strict with rules, however, being responsible party organisers, for both you and us, some simple guidelines and rules should be followed.

Please note

When you book a party or event with us you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

By receiving the deposit payment from you, the hirer for our vehicle, it is accepted that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions. Once we, the service provider of The Mobile Fun Palace Ltd, have received your deposit and secured the agreed day and time slot, we are both in a contractual agreement, which is bound by English law. Any variations on the terms and conditions can only be permitted if expressed in writing by us. The hirer must make themselves known to the driver on the day of the booking.

Payment/deposit and cancellations

When you decide to book with us, a minimum of £30 deposit will be required to hold the agreed date and time slot. We will then require the remaining payment, in full cleared funds, at the latest 7 days prior to your event. If full payment is not received by this time then The Mobile Fun Palace reserve the right to offer your date and time slot to another customer. Your deposit will not be refunded. You, the hirer, are not permitted to cancel this agreement without written permission from The Mobile Fun Palace Ltd. Any cancellation request must be received at least 14 days before the agreed booking date. Any refunds returned to you the hirer will exclude the £30 deposit. In the event of any cancellation, whatever the cause, The Mobile Fun Palace Ltd is only liable for the hire costs of the bus and will not be held responsible for any other costs.

We accept payment by Bank Transfer or Cash. Contact us and ask for details.

Vehicle access

The Mobile Fun Palace is a full size double decker that weighs around 11 tonnes. It is 14.10ft tall and 32ft long with a width of 9ft. Consider this when booking, you must think about access, parking and any height restrictions. The average private drive hasn’t been designed for a double decker so be sure to consider if the bus will be suitable for your chosen destination. We cannot be held responsible for damage to your drive due to the weight of the vehicle. The Play Bus needs firm level ground to park on with safe access for the children to enter and exit the vehicle. Allow for 4 car spaces for us to park on the street. Keep an eye out for any low overhanging trees or cables. We recommend to have an alternative parking space available. We will not park in any unsafe location.

If you are unsure please contact us for advice. We may be able to do a visit prior to the event.

If we are unable to gain access to your chosen location and an alternative cannot be found due to circumstances we were not informed of prior to arrival, then a refund will not be available. We may, however, in some circumstances be able to offer an alternative date and time.

Parking Fines

Any parking permits that are required for your chosen destination must be organised prior to our arrival. The Mobile Fun Palace will not be responsible for any parking fines received at your chosen location and any such fines received will be the responsibility of you the hirer. We cannot park in any location that causes an obstruction.

Power requirements

Some of the entertainment features on the vehicle require a separate 240V power source in order to function. We therefore ask you for the use of a 240V power socket at your chosen location, this is a standard house 3 pin plug. We will supply the necessary extension leads.

If power is not available at your chosen location we can supply a generator. You must tell us in advance if this is needed, an additional charge will apply. The bus is still very good entertainment for children without power however some of the features will not work. If we arrive at your chosen location and you have not told us the generator was required no refund will be offered in regard to loss of features on the vehicle.

Break downs

The last thing we want is to disappoint a child or let down a valued customer, we have the vehicle serviced and maintained to a very high standard. However, just like your vehicle at home sometimes they can break down. If this happens we will try and get the mechanical problem resolved as soon as possible and endeavour to still get to you on your chosen day. If this is not possible we will arrange another mutually agreeable date and time or offer a full refund.

Poor weather and highway restrictions

The Mobile Fun Palace can get to you in most weather conditions however there may be occasions when due to extreme poor weather and for safety reasons it may not be possible to arrive at your chosen location. Should this be the case we will inform you at our earliest convenience and an alternative mutually agreeable date will be offered to you. We will give a refund but this will exclude the deposited £30. We cannot accept any responsibility for a delay in reaching your chosen location due to road works, traffic chaos or any other highway hazard which is beyond our reasonable control. We will endeavour to keep you informed if this happens. We will always make up for the lost time and will leave later so that you have the agreed time for your event.

Rules of Play on the bus and equipment

The bus is suitable for up to 20 children to play at any one time with an age range of 1 to 12 years. The care and supervision of the children using the play bus are at all times the responsibility of you the hirer. Our insurance requires a minimum of two adults from you the hirer to supervise the children at all times. Members of staff are only there to oversee the running of the party/event and to operate/manage the vehicle and equipment.

No person must approach the vehicle on its arrival until the vehicle has parked safely and the driver has opened the main door. Any damage caused to our vehicle or property belonging to The Mobile Fun Palace inside or outside by any member of the hirers group will be the responsibility of you the hirer. You will be liable for cost of repair if requested. No property belonging to The Mobile Fun Palace may be removed from the bus by any member of the hirers group without the permission of our staff members.

For health and safety reasons outside footwear is not allowed on the bus and socks must be worn at all times. We recommend that long sleeves and trousers are to be worn but this is not strictly enforced. You the hirer must ensure all chains, buckles, badges or other sharp objects are removed from the children prior to playing on the bus. Storage for footwear is available on the bus.

We do not have toilet facilities so ensure you have toilets available at your chosen venue and that your supervising adults are able to assist the children. In the event of toilet accidents, if professional cleaning is required, a cleaning fee may be charged. No one may smoke, eat or drink on the bus at any time and chewing gum is strictly forbidden. Free soft drinks that are supplied can only be enjoyed at the front of the bus in the designated area.

Party food may be consumed in the disco area if pre-arranged and must be cleaned and left as found by the hirer.

We ask that unwell or injured children or children that have been unwell in the last 24 hours do not play on the bus. In the event that a child is unwell during play, the party may be stopped for cleaning purposes.

All children must respect each other and play nicely. Any child or person that staff believe to be jeopardizing the safety or enjoyment of others or that of the vehicle, will be removed from the vehicle and no refund will be offered. Verbal or physical abuse towards any staff member will not be tolerated.

You the hirer are to ensure that all members of your party/event leave the vehicle promptly at the end of your allocated time slot.

All children and adults participate at their own risk. The Mobile Fun Palace does not accept liability for loss or injury of whatever nature caused through misuse of the equipment or lack of parental guardian supervision, or failure to comply with our terms and conditions and Rules of Play.

The Mobile Fun Palace will not accept any responsibility for any inconvenience or damage resulting from any accident, breakdown or any other event attributable to any reason beyond our reasonable control. We will not be responsible for any valuables or other items belonging to any member of the hirers group these items should be left with the responsible supervising adults. We cannot be responsible for any theft.